Notsi DDSL6

Notsi DDSL6

Type Of Detector
Long Range Gold Detectors

This is the highest technology for long range location providing the ability to accurately locate the position of gold, silver, copper, bronze, lead, iron, diamonds, gold nuggets, and other metals and minerals. This apparatus is the leader in its class.

DDSL6 has been specifically developed to search for precious metals that are buried or lost long ago.

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General description

DDSL6 provides the opportunity to search for treasures, gold nuggets and many more objects. The product is equipped with special quartz filtration system of frequencies and enables the search for gold and silver with different carat content, which is an advantage for treasure hunters. The apparatus emits stable quartz frequency of exactly 1Hz which provides for precision search.


It is equipped with microprocessor control unit and software that enables control of the frequency. The operator can customize this precision device to search for a variety of metals, minerals by using various methods of programming, i.e. memorization of certain frequencies, frequency control during operation, or alternating use. The operator can confirm the signal of reflection that is generated by the transmitter by using specially-designed electronic dowsing rods. This digital quartz-stabilized system provides excellent results in heavy soils, no matter the ground conditions and degree of mineralization.


The kit includes
Transmitter with eliminator
Ground probes for the transmitter and eliminator
Dowsing rods with receiver
Battery chargers
Connecting cables
Case for the product
Accessories case
Detailed instructions for use
Shipping size of the electronics case:
Measurements: 34 х 32 х 16 cm
Weight: 3,2 kg
Shipping size of the accessories case:
Measurements: 47 х 37 х 17 cm
Weight:10,4 kg

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