Underground Gold Detectors

Does the machine to find gold underground really work ?

Finding underground gold is more difficult than it sounds. It is not a game of you lay the machine over the prospect spot and it beeps for gold. A few challenges that once faces are

Depth of the prospect gold : Sometimes the prospect gold might be deeply situated which may not be picked up by the electronic signals so not always it is a ‘scrape ‘ and found event .

Signal Blockages: The Soil and rocks below the earth’s surface are the biggest signal blockers and throw a challenge to receive signals for the presence of gold

Empty space around the prospect gold: if the gold is buried with an empty space around it.

How do I choose an underground gold detector machine?

Mineralization of the soil plays a very important role in the signal transmission of buried gold to the underground gold metal detector machines. The Very low frequency gold detectors technology works well in shallow targets and soils having low mineralization.

Apart from mineralization, the coil shape of the detector machine plays an important role.The wide scan coil covers a larger surface area to catch signals of larger gold nuggets.

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