Metal detectors will detect any metal under the ground including iron, gold, silver, copper etc. In some locators it will also help identify metal type (eg Garrett ACE 250). It will also differentiate between ferrous (metal has iron content) and non ferrous metal (no iron content in metal eg. gold, silver etc).
The most common type of metal detector sold are the one with metal coils. Eg GTI 2500, GPX 5000, Nokta Golden King.

Some major factor the depth of a locator depends upon are:

a) Soil condition – some soil have high mineral content greatly reducing the penetration strength of the locator. It is very important you buy the correct locator for your region based on soil conditions or you may get incorrect signals. Never buy any locator from market . We have clients all over India and can help you decide most successful locator for your region. Please call one of our technical sales specialist for guidance.

b) Coil Size –

The bigger the size of coil the deeper it will search. Small sized coil locators are easier to carry but lack the depth (1-4 feet approx.). Big coil locators are slightly heavier to carry but go deeper. Garrett GTI2500 w/ eagle eye is our best seller and works in most soil conditions and can search between 5-10 feet or more depending upon target/ soil condition etc.

c) Age of target underground.
The longer the target has been underground, the stronger will be its signal.

a. We always recommend buying the metal detector based on your need. Buying the most expensive locator does not mean best performance! You should always buys based on what and where you are trying locate. For guidance Call us at 783 890 7679 or fill the form and someone will get back to you. Click here to fill the form.

a. Mineralization – Some types of soil have iron content in them or other minerals which will give the operator an incorrect signal leading to a false alarm. This is the most common reason for false signals and can cause the operator to becomes frustrated as he keeps digging to find nothing in the soil. You can avoid this by using detectors that are meant for mineralised soil, like Garret ATX. Also professional training and correct training will help operator to avoid false alarms.

b. Professional training and correct setting on the metal detector will help operator to reduce false alarm.

c. Using an inferior product will also give false signals. Avoid Chinese machines and buy from authorised dealers to avoid purchasing fakes units that may look like original.

a. Please see our credentials

b. All our equipment have serial number on them that may be verified on the manufacturers website.

c. We are also listed on manufacturers website as there India dealers.

The longer the target has been underground, the stronger will be its signal. So it is slightly easier to find an old buried target than a newly buried target. To detect targets below 5 mts, OKM are the best metal detectors.

a. Locating metals underground is used for many purposes including cable & pipe locating, coin searching , lost jewellery, others. Please comply with all legal and government procedures when searching. You may want to refer to “Treasure Cove Act“ if necessary.

a. Yes you can come to our Delhi office for live demonstration. Please call our office. The companies we represent are some of the worlds best metal detectors companies. We do not make the equipment ourselves, we only represent the companies in India. Product information including videos can be easily found on the web for the companies we represent.

a. Yes we offer free Shipping in India and many other countries. Delivery in India takes 3-5 days. We use reputed courier companies only. We can also send you free videos on “how to use” metal detectors in case you cannot come to Delhi or call our technical help line for assistance.

Yes all our equipment comes with receipt

Full manufacturers warranty. We are authorised dealer.

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