Notsi Mole Prospector

Notsi Mole Prospector - long range gold detector

Type Of Detector
Long Range Gold Detectors / Notsi Mole Prospector

This is a unique distant pistol detector for long-range location of objects buried long ago, having sound and LED indicators.

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General description

  • Gold prospecting
  • Detection of ornaments and other highly-conductive metals (such as gold, silver, copper, bronze)
  • Detection of large amount of jewels
  • Detection of gravel and nugget deposits in rocks and underground
  • Detection of treasures buried long ago;
  • Industrial purposes (detection of pipes and non voltage cables buried long ago).

gold prospecting

Operation details

All metals specified above form a static electric field around themselves that can be detected from the ground surface. The distance of detection varies according to size, conductivity, depth and period of stay underground. Metals with high conductivity, such as gold and silver, are detected more easily since they form a larger electric field and the device can locate them from a distance.

The maximum tested depth of detection is 6 meters and the distance when a signal is audible is about 15-20 meters before the point of the buried object (walking towards the object). Theoretically, the depth of detection could be greater, depending on the factors described above.

The earth is constantly being bombarded by powerful radio frequencies transmitted by the military, satellites, radio, and lightnings. These broadcasts induce electric currents in underground conductive materials.

Induced currents produce secondary electromagnetic fields, which can be detected on the ground surface through amplified deviations of the normal field woth very low frequency. Electrons also travel in a wave that can be located from distance. The highest reading over an object visibly stands out from neutral ground.

Key Features

LCD indicators
signal level indicator from 0 to 100%
battery level indicator
Very clear sound signalization
Precise control of the level of sensitivity
Power button
Backlight button
Headphone jacks
Low battery indicator
Red LED light indicating when the charging adapter is switched on, with automatic switch off function
Continuous operation: around 20 hours and over depending on the way of its use
Built-in rechargeable batteries – 7х1,2V NiMH=8,4V (2500mA)
Charging adapter: input: 100 to 240V 1A 50-60Hz ; output: 15V/1A
Weight: 800 g
Body length: 350 mm


The product Mole Prospector
Charging adapter
Instructions for use in English
Shipping size
Measurements of the box for electronics: 47 х 37 х 17 cm
Weight: 4,2 kg

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