Garrett ATX

ATX - Professional Deep Search gold detector

Type Of Detector
Compact Metal detector / ATX

It has advanced pulse induction technology, a durable mil-spec design, a new DD coil design, and unrivaled PI sensitivity on tiny gold. The Garrett ATX is the ultimate gold detector for all terrains and extreme conditions.

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Key Features

ADJUSTABLE THRESHOLD Allows the user to manually adjust the audio threshold(constant background sound) to better hear targets.
ALL-METAL MODE True All-Metal mode offers deepest detection depth and sensitivity on the smallest nuggets.
IRON CHECK (ATX ONLY) Allows the operator to audibly identify iron targets when using a DD searchcoil.
ALL TERRAIN Designed for use in wet, humid and dusty environments. Weatherproof housing can be immersed in water to 10-foot (3m) depth.
FAST TRACK™ GROUND BALANCE Automatic feature that allows user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized soil conditions.
GROUND TRACK (AUTOMATIC) Detector engineered with technology to continuously measure ground mineralization and automatically adjust itself for optimum performance.(Four track speeds on ATX)
MULTI-FREQUENCY (PULSE INDUCTION) Detector that divides its power into multiple frequencies to overcome the effects of mineralized soil and saltwater content. Discrimination and Target ID apabilities are limited.
ELECTRONIC PINPOINTING This Non-Motion All-Metal Mode is used to precisely locate a detected target's location in the ground
  • Maximum Detection on all targets at the same time. No need to switch modes to enhance detection of one target while degrading another
  • Advanced Ground Balance: has wide range to ground balance from heavily mineralized ground (ironstone) to saltwater without switching to special modes.
  • Exclusive Design DD Searchcoil: enhances detection of small items without having to slow down the scanning speed of the coil.
  • Motion and Non-Motion Modes: provides optimum performance based on your hunting preference and conditions.
  • Fully Collapsible: the ATX can be operated with its stem fully extended, fully collapsed, or anywhere in between
  • Quick Iron Check feature and adjustable Discrimination
  • Ground Track with 4 settings: Choose setting that best handles rapidly changing ground mineralization.
  • LED Indicators: show signal strength and current settings
  • Waterproof Speaker: built in for option to search without headphones.
  • Frequency Scan: auto function for minimizing RFI interference.
  • Volume Control: adjust to limit the response of large signals in order to better hear deep/faint signals.


Circuit Type Advanced Pulse Induction
Discrimination Adjustable, 25 settings
Search Modes 2: Motion and Non-Motion
Ground Balance Range From ferrous ground (ironstone)to saltwater
Audio Threshold YES, Adjustable
Detection Frequency 730 pulses per second, adjustable
Submersion Depth 10 feet (3m)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments 13
Electronic Pinpointing YES
Quick Iron Check YES
Standard Searchcoil 10"x12" PROformance™ DD
Standard Land Headphones Included; weight 16 oz. (.45 kgs.)
Length (Adjustable) 20" to 68" (.51m - 1.72m)
Total Weight 6.9 lbs. (3.13 kgs.) includes batteries
Batteries 8 AA (included); rechargeables and charger also included
Warranty 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

Search Coils

DD Searchcoil

10" x 12" (25 x 31cm) DD Searchcoil

Mono Searchcoil

Deepseeker® 15" x 20" (38 x 50cm)Mono Searchcoil

Mono Searchcoil1

Garrett ATX 8 inch Mono Searchcoil 8" (20cm) Mono Searchcoil


Garrett hard case

Garrett hard case

Submersible Headphones

Submersible Headphones

Headphone Adapter

1/4" Headphone Adapter

Shaft Nut Spanner Wrench

Shaft Nut Spanner Wrench

 Mono Closed Coil Cover

ATX 8” Mono Closed Coil Cover

DD Open Coil Cover

ATX 10"x12" DD Open Coil Cover

DD Closed Coil Cover

ATX 10"x12" DD Closed Coil Cover

Mono Open Coil Cover

ATX 15"x20" Mono Open Coil Cover

 Mono Closed Coil Cover

ATX 15"x20" Mono Closed Coil Cover

Garrett Pro-Pointer

Garrett Pro-Pointer®

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