Gold Labor Au 79

Gold Labor Au 79

Type Of Detector
Professional Metal detectors / Gold Labor Au 79

Gold Labor Au 79 is a supportive tool for all gold seekers, prospectors and miners to determine the gold content of placers and minerals as well as soil samples in general. This special OKM gold detector consists of a control unit and measuring cup in which you place a small ground sample.

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General Description

After turning on the detector it guides you through several steps until the final result is available on the screen of the control unit. The result gives you information about the gold content of your soil sample in grams per tonne. The higher this value the more gold is available in the underground soil.

cavity detection

So using this gold detector helps you to find reasonable places for gold panning or even gold mining. During the measurement of the Gold Labor Au 79 the following steps will be processed:

  • Power on your Gold Labor Au 79. If the measuring cup has not been cleaned after a previous measurement, you have to clean it first. Any gold particle that sticks in the measuring cup will distort the gold measurement.
  • Place your soil sample into the measuring cup and remove included ferromagnetic materials (e.g. black sand). Therefor one of the covers for the measuring cup has an embedded magnet to get hold of the magnetic particles that are included in your soil sample.
  • The final step determines the gold content of the sample while shaking the measuring cup several times. The electrolysis-free segmented two-core spiral coil of the measuring cup recognizes the bypassing gold particles and calculates the final gold content.

All steps are visually represented on the color display of the control unit. Thus you will be guided step by step through the whole measuring procedure. The built-in battery lasts for approx. 5 hours which corresponds to approx. 600 measurements. The handling of this gold detector is very easy.

cavity detection

If a reasonable place with enough gold content has been detected, the experienced gold seeker, prospector or miner can get ready for the gold panning process to get the gold out of the ground. Some additional information regarding gold panning you can also read in our blog post about gold panning.

Technical Specification

Operating temperature +5 °C – +40 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C – +60 °C
Air humidity 5 % - 95 %
Waterproof (Main unit / Measuring cup) No / Yes
Dimensions (Main unit / Measuring cup) 135 x 120 x 55 mm / Ø 65 x 90 mm
Weight (Main unit / Measuring cup) 660 g / 230 g
Voltage (internal battery) 7.2 V DC
Operating time approx. 5 hours (corresponds to approx. 600 measurements)
Charging time approx. 3 hours
Display 2.8" TFT, Touchscreen, Colour
Processor Atmega2560, 8-bit, 16 MHz
Measuring unit Electrolysis-free segmented two-core spiral-coil

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