Nokta Fors Gold

Fors Gold - Starter Gold detector

Type Of Detector
Starter Metal Detectors / Fors Gold

FORS Gold metal detector, with its features, design and accessories, is a professional metal detector developed based on gold prospectors' needs worldwide.

FORS Gold metal detector has been designed extremely sensitive to the smallest nuggets. It has advanced settings which minimize the effects of highly mineralized soils and hot rocks frequently encountered in gold fields. It will find nuggets that other detectors miss at unmatched depths.

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Key Features

For the Toughest Terrains Electronic Pinpointing
Dual LCD Display Depth indicator
Graphical User interface Frequency Shift
Digital Target ID Vibration Mode
ID Masking Built-in LED Flashlight
Ground Tracking Waterproof Search Coil
Auto & Manual Ground Balance Easy Use & Ergonomic Design
3 Search Modes(General, Discimination, boost) Long Battery Life
5 Differebt Audio Frequencies 10 Languages


Operating Principle VLF induction Balance
Operating Frequency 15 Khz(+/-100 Hz bandwidth)
Metal Identification Motion,multi-derivative
Search Modes 4 (General/Discrimination/Boost)
Audio Frequencies 5
Audio Discrimination 3 tones
Ground Balance Auto and Manual
Ground Tracking Yes
Pinpoint yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Sensitivity Range 1-99
Target ID Range 0-99
Search Coil 28.5x17.8cm (11.2'x7.0")waterproof DD
Weight 1.8kg(3.9 lbs.)including batteries and search coil
Length 125-150cm(4'2"-5')extendable
Battery 4 AA Alkaline
Warranty 2years

Search Coils

Waterproof Double-D search coil

Waterproof, Double-D search coil designed specifically for gold prospecting fields.

Double-D search coil

This waterproof Double-D search coil is more sensitive to smaller and shallow gold nuggets it is very light and provides convenient use in tight spaces.

waterproof search coil

This waterproof search coil provide more depth and offers greater coverage enabling you to find targets faster.


Carrying Bag

Carrying Bag



Charging kit

Charging kit

Weather-Resistant Cover

Weather-Resistant Cover(System Box & Handle)

Telescopic Shaft

Telescopic Shaft

Search Coil Cover

Search Coil Cover 13.2x12 cm(5.2"x4.7")

Search Coil Cover 2

Search Coil Cover 28.5x17.8cm(11.2"x7.0")

Search Coil Cover 3

Search Coil Cover 39.5x33.7cm(15.5"x13.3")

Extra Solid Search Coil Cover

Extra Solid Search Coil Cover 28.5x17.8cm(11.2"x7.0")

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