Gold Metal Detectors

Detecting gold is as Unique an activity as the gold detector machine itself. These can be used to detect gold from underground hidden treasures or on the surface. Some of them can detect gold below the ground. This is the ultimate choice of people who are searching for gold, relics, cache, etc underground for hobby and mining purposes. These products have a lot of variety suiting to different conditions and depth of the prospective metal.

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  • When you use a metal detector you will feel that they are as good as gold detectors. However a major difference is in the frequencies they can operate in. While gold detectors can detect gold in the smallest size and highest frequencies, the generic metal version can operate only at low frequency and can only detect metals of a significant size. So though all detectors can sense gold but the ones made for gold detection can do it the best.
  • If you are an archaeologist interested in digging out historical relics and coins or metal objects then a gold detector machine is not for you. But if you are solely looking out for gold in gold hotspots then this is what you only need to pick. In fact gold scanners can also pick up signals of precious gems like diamonds, sapphire, garnets, etc.
  • The coil size and the depth of target are some important factors in finding gold. If the coil size is smaller, it can find smaller pieces but if it is larger it can find bigger targets. However for finding deeper targets only bigger coils work. The relics/coin(metal) finding machines on the contrary can work with smaller coils as the targets are usually of a considerable size as compared to gold.
  • Weight wise the gold finding machines are heavier than their counter parts and price wise they are more expensive. But isn’t it worth it if you are spending to find gold !
  • So a metal detector may detect metals which also includes gold but will surely miss it if the nuggets are small, deep below and if the soil mineralization is very high !

How to buy a Gold detector?

While ordinary detectors can detect all metals whether gold, silver, copper, etc as metal, gold detectors can differentiate between gold and other metals. These machines are sensitive to the soil and the terrain of a place. Hence any type of gold scanners will not fit in for all terrain types. If the soil has too many minerals then the basic gold detector machines may not be able to pick up the signals. Here a more power full machine will be required.

These detectors have coils that detect the gold. The size of the coil also matters. The bigger the coil, the more powerful is the detector.

However, you have one advantage if your target to be searched underground is old. The signal of these detectors is stronger for targets that have been underground for the longest time

GOLD detector price

The gold detector price range runs from very affordable to expensive. However, it does not mean that the most expensive gold finder machines are the best gold detectors in the market. These have to be bought depending on your need or terrain where you need to use it. Detectorindia will provide you guidance and recommendations when you decide to buy. Click here to get answers to some more of your questions. Find gold detector price.

Gold detector categories

We are authorized distributors of various gold detector categories in India. As one of the oldest in the market, we have experience in the terrain across India and can match the right gold detectors to the customers' requirements. Working with reputed manufacturer brands, we believe in offering the best of gold detector categories which offer genuine quality products.

  • Long Range gold detectors
  • Professional metal detectors
  • Underwater metal detectors
  • Starter metal detectors


Yes it can detect gold as gold is metal too ! However since the coil size, depth of the target and the soil mineralization matter a lot in gold detection, purchasing a general detection machine for metals could be a waste of money.
If you are taking up gold finding for the first time, a starter all purpose metal finding equipment should be gold enough. It will find relics, coins and metals objects including gold. Once you are hands on with your hobby you can go for some serious gold finding equipment.
Yes with the specialised gold detectors, One can easily detect underwater gold !
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